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  1. Irvine
  2. Right To Die
  3. Spyglass
  4. 20th Century Man
  5. Terre Says
  6. Propwash II
  7. North County Gurls
  8. Devil's Foodcake
  9. Potential
  10. What Can I Say?
The players:
CanBe - guitars, keyboards, vacals
Michael John - vocals, acoustic guitar
Hurray! - bass, guitars, vocals
Chief - drums, bongos, vocals

Additional musicians:
Lee Adams - vocals on "What Can I Say?"
Joe Simon - piano on "What Can I Say" and "Propwash II"
Todd Klitzner - jazz guitar on "Irvine"
Anthony Arvizu - shakers, bags of chips, and salsa vibes wherever you think you hear 'em